Since I was little, I enjoyed looking at photographs. I always felt joy picking up a bag full of old pictures and looking at photographs of my family and I. I had so much fun seeing how we all got bigger and older, how the clothes we wore were not in fashion anymore and the ugly hair cuts we used to have. There were some images that I could remember the moments, there were others that my mind couldn't remember and there were some of them about my family that I didn't even know and was fun to hear their stories. Tears of joy reliving moments and some sad moments realizing that some of those people weren't with us anymore. And that's how life is, the mind can remember moments but photographs make moments last forever. Out of a bunch of images you can tell a life story. Could you imagine your life without any pictures? 

Well, going back to the original point of this blog, it hasn't been since I was a child that I decided to become a photographer. It took me years to find out what my gift was. 
When I finished high school I decided that I would go to college to become a pharmacist like my father used to be, but after 2 years of college and a lot of ups and downs, my plans changed and I decided to move from my original country Brasil to the USA. A country that I live in today
 for over 15 years and it was here where everything started. 
In 2004, almost 4 years after I moved here, I bought my first digital camera. Lots of pictures were taken with that camera until one day an idea occurred to me. I was at a retreat with my friends when a couple came to me and asked me to take some pictures of them. With a camera in my hands and a smile on my face, I wasn't really sure what I was doing, I said yes and captured some images. After I was done they asked me to see the pictures and told me the images were beautiful, actually better than the engagement pictures they had just got done. They told me I was good at what I was doing and that I should became a photographer. I said thank you and laughed but I wasn't interested in the whole photography business yet.


But since some things are meant to be, a couple weeks later I picked up a newsletter and saw an announcement for a photography class in NY. With all the compliments still on my mind I decided that I should go at least to learn how to work my camera and at that first class is where I fell in love with photography. It was amazing! A few days after, I bought a professional camera and 3 months after that  I was shooting my first client at her wedding. After that day, a few years passed and I had done many other classes and registered special moments for many families, women, mothers, couples, kids and it is with a lot of love that I am able to do what I do. The smiles on my clients faces is what makes my decision to become a photographer stronger each day. The same way of when I was a child and had joy seeing the memories that my family created through photography, today I have the joy in creating beautiful memories for lots of people and families that will last forever. Just like I found out what my gift is, I hope that everybody can find joy in what they do, so this world can be a better place filled with happy people!